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Verb phrases

March 12, 2009 Leave a comment


1) đặt, để, đút, gắn , tra

Ex: He put the book his hands in his pocket

2) đưa ra, đem ra, sử dụng, đánh giá, ước lương…..

PUT usually goes with:
Put aside:
Để sang một bên/ dành dụm

Put away: giam lại, bỏ vào tủ (không dùng đến nữa)/ để dành (tiền)/ nốc(rượu)

Put by: để dành, dành dụm

Put down: để xuống/ viết, ghi lại/ đàn áp

Put forth: mọc(lá) đâm(chồi) nảy(lộc)

Put award: trình bày , đề xuất, đưa ra, nêu ra/ vặn(kim đồng hồ)

Put in: ngắt lời

Put off: ra đi/ xuống xe/ hoãn lại

Put on: mặc vào, đeo vào, đội vào

b) làm ra vẻ

c) bật( nút) bấm nút

d) béo ra

Put out: Bỏ đi, vứt đi, bỏ ra,

Sản xuất chế tạo

Phát hành, phát thanh

dập tắt( tuốc lá)

Put through: Thực hiện thành công

cho liên lạc, cho nói chuyẹn( bằng điện thoại)

Put together: để vào với nhau, ráp vào với nhau

Put up: giới thiệu ra ứng cử,

xây dựng,

công bố, tăng lên, cho vay, đưa ra thảo luận

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November 12, 2008 1 comment

Yesterday we learnt about music, movies and books GENRE.

(It is much much better to say genre instead of using kind or type. It seems to make speakers more advanced.)

Music genres: pop, jazz, rock, classical, folk. new age, dance, R&B, country (American cowboy music, not traditional), instrumental, metal, punk.


– Non-fiction: historical (boring for me), biography, auto-biography, academic

– Fiction: Novel, short-stories, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, poetry (Pushkin is famous for this genre), drama, folk tales.

We also learnt some different expressions of like, dislike, relax, and reason used to talk about favourite kind of music, books or movies.


enjoy, crazy about _____, I’m keen on ________, ______ is without a doubt the best _______, I’m quite taken by______.


I can’t stand ______, _______ hurts my ears, ______ puts me off, I despise ______.


take a load off, kick back and relax, chill out, forget my worries, switch off from work, take it easy.


humorous, blood and gore, encouraging, optimistic, realistic, enjoyable, exiting, amazing…

There are some words that need to be kept in mind

saturated = no more spaces


lure (v) = to attract

(n) = a thing to attract

ex: going fishing, people use “lure” to attract fish. It’s pronounced like “lua” in VNese.

tariffs = tax on imported goods

quotas = restrictions/ limits on amount of imported goods

barrierstrade barriers = obstacle, hindrance

overshadow = esclipse

ex: Honda overshadows Yamaha in Vietnam.

sophisticated = complex, well-structured system


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Here are benefits and drawbacks of multinationals


– create employment/ opportunities

– transfer of technology

– improve infrastructure

– provide funds for the Government

– increase competitiveness

+ enhance quality

+ reduction in price


– pollution

– exploitation of labour force (take advantage of …)

– brain drain

– potentially control the economy

– edge-out domestic companies (reduce market share of local companies)