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Memory of AE6-7

I’ve forgot this site for quite a long time. Mr. Steve asked each of us to create a blog for studying purposes. It somehow didn’t work well but I like his ideas, his teaching methodology. He is so humorous. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for his idea, now I have one more blog to write.

It has been more than 3 months since the ending ceremony of AE7. I surprised that until now I still remember the time I had with those cute guys. When I entered AE6, I think they are just classmates and stranger to me. There was no need to be close to them. I hide myself. That was true but not for a long time. I soon realized that they are quite similar with the guys at K38A16: funny, cute, enthusiastic, talkative, etc although they are at different age. I felt comfortable to have conversations about everything with them, like “dark” stories, life, study… That was my great time. I felt I was a student again: go to class, study, take notes, chat, and work in group, have parties… Yesterday, I received a msg from Phuc Anh. It made me smile and I read aloud for my husband. He didn’t smile. Hic. I was a little bit sad. But no matter ‘cause he doesn’t understand how I feel about these guys.

Woww!!! Wish I could turn back time! Miss all my guys!

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  1. Suna
    April 8, 2010 at 12:44 am

    One more time I wish that WordPress had “like” function, haha… I havent talked to you for quite a long time, but reading ur blog I think ur life in France must be good :D:D… Ur entry reminds me the time when we were studying English…. what a wonderful time! And now I’m struggling with studying here…… haizz…. so tired! Now I really wanna go back and study English again, hehe. I’ll keep update ur blog in wordpress regularly, there’re so many interesting stuff here ;))

  2. maivtt
    April 12, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    It made me surprise when I saw your comment. It was some days ago. This means I abandoned it for more than “some days”. 😀 You’re right, my life in France is not bad at all, but the problem is that I almost forget all the things I’ve studied. Hic hic… My English is really poor now, and my French is still weak. You know, it takes me nearly a decade to express an idea in French, my brain has to work with all its energy and capacity. =))

    I can understand how hard you are trying now. I still keep an eye on your FB 😉 So, maybe I should think twice about studying Master degree in French or just continuing learning French here. Hehe… ‘Cause studying a language isn’t too tough.

    I’d love to see you again on my wordpress 😡

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