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Verb phrases

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1) đặt, để, đút, gắn , tra

Ex: He put the book his hands in his pocket

2) đưa ra, đem ra, sử dụng, đánh giá, ước lương…..

PUT usually goes with:
Put aside:
Để sang một bên/ dành dụm

Put away: giam lại, bỏ vào tủ (không dùng đến nữa)/ để dành (tiền)/ nốc(rượu)

Put by: để dành, dành dụm

Put down: để xuống/ viết, ghi lại/ đàn áp

Put forth: mọc(lá) đâm(chồi) nảy(lộc)

Put award: trình bày , đề xuất, đưa ra, nêu ra/ vặn(kim đồng hồ)

Put in: ngắt lời

Put off: ra đi/ xuống xe/ hoãn lại

Put on: mặc vào, đeo vào, đội vào

b) làm ra vẻ

c) bật( nút) bấm nút

d) béo ra

Put out: Bỏ đi, vứt đi, bỏ ra,

Sản xuất chế tạo

Phát hành, phát thanh

dập tắt( tuốc lá)

Put through: Thực hiện thành công

cho liên lạc, cho nói chuyẹn( bằng điện thoại)

Put together: để vào với nhau, ráp vào với nhau

Put up: giới thiệu ra ứng cử,

xây dựng,

công bố, tăng lên, cho vay, đưa ra thảo luận

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Memory of AE6-7

March 9, 2009 2 comments

I’ve forgot this site for quite a long time. Mr. Steve asked each of us to create a blog for studying purposes. It somehow didn’t work well but I like his ideas, his teaching methodology. He is so humorous. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for his idea, now I have one more blog to write.

It has been more than 3 months since the ending ceremony of AE7. I surprised that until now I still remember the time I had with those cute guys. When I entered AE6, I think they are just classmates and stranger to me. There was no need to be close to them. I hide myself. That was true but not for a long time. I soon realized that they are quite similar with the guys at K38A16: funny, cute, enthusiastic, talkative, etc although they are at different age. I felt comfortable to have conversations about everything with them, like “dark” stories, life, study… That was my great time. I felt I was a student again: go to class, study, take notes, chat, and work in group, have parties… Yesterday, I received a msg from Phuc Anh. It made me smile and I read aloud for my husband. He didn’t smile. Hic. I was a little bit sad. But no matter ‘cause he doesn’t understand how I feel about these guys.

Woww!!! Wish I could turn back time! Miss all my guys!

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