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Project week 2 (individual) – LAGGARDS group

Topic: Should money be spent on space exploration?

Vu Thi Thanh Mai

In recent times, the rapid development of science has helped to improve our lives. Amongst all sciences, space science has contributed striking achievements to our modern world. Outer space exploration should be invested for two major reasons: a long-term solution to overpopulation and scientific inventions.

Firstly, overpopulation problem could be solved by finding other planets for people to live. According to a recent research, the world population is expected to double in 50 years as people have acquired both health and longevity these days. Though the population is becoming bigger, the Earth will not get larger. Hence, there will be no more places for people to live. Top space scientists of the world have been conducting experiments to discover that the Mars has conditions accommodating life. Therefore, spending money on exploring space helps us to find out a long-term solution to this vital issue, which will be a benefit for all people in the globe.

Secondly, space exploration serves scientific inventions. These inventions has been using widely and contributing a great deal to human’s life. For instance, discovery of outer space satellite is used in transforming digital information of mobile phones, communication television and radio that play a crucial role in our lives. Furthermore, some inventions for space use now are available for people on the Earth. An illustration of this is software helping design automobiles by letting designers see how well a design will work even before building a sample. It was a computer program developed by NASA for analysis of a spacecraft.

In conclusion, money should be spent on exploring space to solve overpopulation problem and to support for scientific innovation as mankind living both at the present and in the future could benefit from it. Therefore, space exploration should be focused on scientific purpose as well as economic purposes.

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  1. phucanh1712
    November 20, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    Generally, your structure is quite clear and comprehensive, your vocabulary is abundant but have some little mistakes: overpopulation problem, expected.If you use more academic words, your essay would be better; do you remember “saturated”.The last point is you should use more types of sentences

    It is likely to get 6.5 with this essay if you focus more on your vocabulary.Try your best.Hope you will succeed.

  2. November 22, 2008 at 12:16 am

    1. I think you should use “our life” (I’m not sure we have lives)
    2. Your structure is clear. I like your ideas and examples, it’s uncomplicated to understand. You use linking words perfectly :).
    3. I agree with Phuc Anh. We should use as more academic words in our writing as possible.

    Thanks for sharing your writing. If you have time, pls give me some comments.

  3. maivtt
    January 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Hơ hơ… Giờ bảo ngồi viết 1 bài như thế này thì chắc là cắn lưỡi. Bao nhiêu vốn liếng học giờ vứt hết rồi. :(( Buồn ơi là buồn!

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